How we broke through the “noise” and built a campaign to mobilize ambassadors and create conversation.

The Nuts & Bolts

CauseEngine and The Tutu Project sought to build a campaign to break through the noise and differentiate themselves during Breast Cancer Awareness month. The Tutu Project already had a large existing audience to tap into, but mobilizing that network and their social media followers had been a challenge. Our campaign needed to encompass the spirit of support for loved ones who were experiencing or who had survived breast cancer while making it accessible for anyone who wanted to participate. CauseEngine quickly developed a playful campaign called #Dare2Tutu which not only visually grabbed people’s attention, but had a low barrier to entry and differentiated itself from the similar “pink” campaigns.

Our Tools For Success

Creative Direction & Design
Campaign Development
Strategy & implementation

Some Key Impact Points


has grown into an annual, turn-key campaign for the Tutu Project and is now their signature event

Over $125,000

has been raised through this campaign over the past 3 years
The Challenge

When it comes to rallying support for breast cancer, a campaign has to break through 'the sea of pink.' For a small charity with low awareness, like The Tutu Project, CauseEngine needed to create an attention-grabbing campaign that would inspire participation and conversation.

How We Helped

CauseEngine’s goal was to capture The Tutu Project’s existing social media following by creating a fun and engaging challenge. The concept was simple: dare people to wear a tutu during Breast Cancer Awareness Month and start a conversation with them on their daily journey, whether at work, in public, or on social media. With that we brought #Dare2Tutu to life. Our Pros built an entire brand identity to support the hashtag including logo, look and feel.

We crafted a campaign rollout plan supported by a donor engagement strategy, executed through creative design, sponsorship packages and collateral.

CauseEngine provided end-to-end strategic advisory and even built a team of marketing and communications experts from our rolodex of Pros to tactically execute the campaign. We rolled up our sleeves and got to work directly with Tutu staff.

With this campaign, CauseEngine and The Tutu Project launched a perennial fundraising opportunity that differentiated the organization from the rest of the pack.

The Results

A Scalable Yearly Campaign
Engaged their 200K+ Supporters
We had an incredibly loyal following, but no way to activate them. CauseEngine created an amazing brand that allowed our supporters to give back.”
– Linda Carey - Breast Cancer Survivor, Founder of “The Tutu Project” –

Our campaign, #Dare2Tutu, continues to amaze me, through how much fun people have and the fact that they WANT to wear tutus in support.”


Through Bob’s professional photography and several media outlets, we’d already begun telling my story of surviving breast cancer. We began building our audience, but were unable to turn supporters into donors. We engaged CauseEngine to build us a solid campaign because we always had good ideas, but could never get them to stick. They didn’t just build us a campaign, they built us an amazing brand! Our whole team feels it’s awesome and it certainly resonates with people everywhere. People transform when they put on one of our tutus. It really gives them a sense of freedom to express themselves.

The great thing about this is that we stick out during October and people are sharing #Dare2Tutu all year long in fun runs, on birthdays and other events. It’s become our annual focus and has helped us to extend our brand further than we ever thought possible!

We’re contacted all the time with stories from around the world about those who are inspired by the Tutu Project. More of these conversations are happening everyday. That’s the beauty of this campaign - its simplicity and ability to still evolve - and to me that’s brilliant.

- Linda Carey - Breast Cancer Survivor, Founder of “The Tutu Project” -

Fundraising was our goal in building this campaign, but the emotional support that a $15 tutu now brings to people is priceless.”