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Network Based Consulting

CauseWorks is a pure consulting model that frees everyone—consultants and clients—to focus on what really matters: delivering great projects.

What makes us unique is that all of our assignments are delivered by independent consultants, our CauseEngine Pros. They are our top talent and a group of outstanding individuals with whom we regularly work.

Our projects deliver great results across strategy, fundraising, marketing, compliance, and governance.

James Brobyn
Strategy, Operations, and Management

James is an entrepreneur and nonprofit advocate who co-founded the social enterprise, CauseEngine. James is a Marine Corps veteran who served two tours in Iraq as an infantry officer conducting distributed operations and partnering with the Iraqi Army and Police. Positively shaped by his time in the military, James is passionate about service and designing new ways for nonprofits to build scale and bring better services to market. In 2010, James brought his thirteen years of military experience to the nonprofit sector as the Executive Director of a 4-star Charity Navigator rated veteran-serving nonprofit. James led the team that raised over $10M in operational revenue and $15M in in-kind support and grew the staff from 3 to over 20 full-time employees. James has consulted and built corporate / nonprofit partnerships with companies like General Motors, JWT, Johnson & Johnson, Comcast, CBS, and other fortune 500 companies. A Philadelphia native and graduate of the United States Naval Academy and the University of Pennsylvania, James is a proud father and recipient of the Purple Heart Medal.

Joe Hodnicki
Creative Director

Joe is a lifetime creative, who has spent more than a decade working professionally in art and design. Letting his passion for all types of art lead the way, he has developed a well-rounded skill set bringing new visions to brands, while identifying “white space” in the various markets he works in. Joe has worked with many organizations, non-profits, and Fortune 500 companies such as his recent role at Urban Outfitters, where he oversaw art and graphics for their Home Decor product development division.

He has helped art direct and design for clients from corporate to family operated businesses and for many nonprofits spanning from actions sports, military and education.

Joe keeps up with trends in branding and business development while applying his creative experiences to bring new vision and an enhanced approach to the projects and businesses he works with.

Matt Colvin
Fundraising and Corporate Partnerships

Matt is a veteran of the U.S. Air Force having joined on September 11, 2001 and served two tours in Afghanistan conducting raid coordination and airborne communications jamming missions. In 2007, he brought his military skill set and drive to ventures in Corporate America including investing in, operating, and scaling a skateboard company which now lives in City Garage, Kevin Plank's (CEO of Under Armour) venture project. He went on to complete his Bachelors in Business Management while leading the Strategic Partnerships division of a top-rated veterans nonprofit. During his career as a professional fundraiser, Matt has raised $15M+ in contributions and more than $20M in in-kind services. He has led cross-departmental initiatives and continues to hone his skills in marketing, branding and business development. He now specializes in designing and managing cause-related marketing efforts and corporate/nonprofit partnerships. Matt has designed and executed campaigns with companies like eBay, Uber, MillerCoors, LinkedIn, Craftsman, Southwest Airlines and many other Fortune 1000 companies. Matt is an avid traveler having visited more than 15 countries and backflipped on 5 continents. He currently resides in the mountains of Colorado where he's able to pursue his love of the outdoors.

Mackenzie Padell
Special Event Operations and Logistics

Mackenzie Padell began her career in healthcare administration with a focus on leading diverse operations, customer experience, and strategic teams in two of the nations leading integrated delivery systems. In 2011, Mackenzie reinvented herself as a nonprofit co-founder and executive director as a result of a military tragedy. Mackenzie’s nonprofit experience spanned the development of the organizational infrastructure, operations, branding, partnerships, and revenue generation to support military families. Over the course of the three years leading the organization it raised over $3M dollars through national athletic and special events that touched tens of thousands of people every year. Out of a desire to have a broad positive impact on nonprofits, Mackenzie co-founded the social enterprise, CauseEngine, to help nonprofits source meaningful on-demand talent to help showcase the vital work and resources nonprofits provide. Born and raised in Lake Tahoe, Mackenzie looks forward to raising her three children, and three rescue pups, to love the outdoors. Mackenzie is the proud graduate of Chatham University and Carnegie Mellon University.


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